What size should I use?

Choosing a cup size

All cup sizes can work for most women. We recommend Gaaia cup in Small if you have a light to normal flow and the Gaaia cup in Large if you have a normal to heavy flow. Using one size consistently may be more comfortable. The Gaaia Cup Sensitive was designed specifically for teens and women with small builds.  

We do not recommend that you choose your menstrual cup based on whether you have given birth or not or your age. Since each body is anatomically unique, these are not very reliable factors. Do keep in mind that giving birth does not necessarily mean that you now need a bigger menstrual cup. Your flow and cervix position are better indicators in our experience.

Remember once again, that all Gaaia sizes can work for most women. If you have a heavy flow but want to use a Gaaia Cup in Small because of your low cervix, you would only need to empty it more frequently. If you have a light flow you can still use the Gaaia Cup in Large, it’s greater capacity will simply hold more than the Small and not be so full when emptied. We also currently offer a the dual pack containing both Gaaia Cups in Small and Large at a discounted rate. 

Gaaia cup measurements

Measuring your cervix height

When measuring your cervix, always do so with clean hands. Insert 1–2 fingers into your vaginal canal. Feel for the opening of your cervix, which feels similar to soft cartilage (some compare to the tip of a nose but softer). It is not uncommon for your cervix to move during your cycle, and it is most commonly at its lowest point during your heavy day(s).

Reaching your cervix with your finger inserted to the 1st knuckle indicates a low cervix, 2nd knuckle indicates medium and the third knuckle means you have a high cervix position. If your cervix height is low to medium, we recommend you choose the Gaaia Cup in Small. If your cervix height is medium to high, we recommend you choose the Gaaia Cup in Large.

Low Cervix

Medium Cervix

High Cervix