The name Gaaia is derived from the Greek Goddess mother of Earth, a symbolic womanly personification of the Earth & all of life. At Gaaia, we understand that it can be an anxious experience to try new period care and you deserve to know what you're putting anywhere near your body.

Gentle. Care. Respect.

The Gaaia cup is a revolutionary period care product - a reusable soft silicone cup that collects your monthly menstrual flow as an alternative to pads and tampons. Gaaia is soft, light, and flexible and sits comfortably in your vagina while offering a leak and sensation-free period. So if you’re trying a cup, start with the safest.

Gaaia is safe for you and for the environment.

We created Gaaia for the first time cup user. Our menstrual cup is made with FDA approved 100% medical-grade silicone and designed to be softer, lighter, and more flexible. No chemicals or any other harmful substances. Why discard millions of pieces of cotton, plastic, rayon and other materials, when you can re-use one Gaaia cup for years? One day or day one. You decide.