Gaaia cup

What is the Gaaia menstrual cup?

What is the Gaaia cup made of?

How long will my Gaaia cup last?

How much fluid can my Gaaia cup hold?

What size of Gaaia cup should I be using?

What is the stem of the cup used for?

Is the Gaaia cup safe to use?

Using the Gaaia cup

How do I know if the cup is inserted correctly?

Can the Gaaia cup cause a leak or discomfort while moving?

Can I use a lubricant to insert the Gaaia cup?

How long can I wear the Gaaia cup before removing?

How do I sanitize my cup while on my menstrual cycle?

Can I use a public restroom to empty my cup?

Can I use the Gaaia cup if I have a very active lifestyle?

Can I swim with my Gaaia cup on?

Can I remain sexually active with my cup on?

I'm a first time user, will it hurt to use the cup?

Can I pee while wearing the Gaaia menstrual cup?

Health concerns

Can I get a Toxic Shock Syndrome while wearing the Gaaia cup?

Can I wear a Gaaia cup if I’m wearing an IUD or ring contraceptive?

Can pregnant women wear the cup for spotting?

Can I wear a cup immediately after my pregnancy?

My stomach is upset, and it’s putting too much pressure on the cup.


Prevent spotting

I’m having trouble removing the cup, what should I do?

How do I remove menstrual cup stains?

How do I know when to replace my Gaaia cup?